Powerpoint presentaties

Op Slideshare staan een aantal van mijn Powerpoint Presentaties. Slideshare staat open voor iedereen. Een extra mogelijkheid om informatie te delen.
Op dit moment staan er drie presentaties:

  • No code, no name, no existence:
    “Presentation ECRD 22 june 2005: No code = no name = no existence, Presentation by Annet van Betuw about very rare chromosome disorders; the need to have a code. Deletion 11q had a name: Jacobsen Syndrome. Patients were findable because of start networks in USA and Europe. Then it was possible to start research”
  • Selten + Selten = International
    Having a very rare disorder means that you have to to go international. Idic 15 is outreaching to Europe. Annet van Betuw gave some information about other Eu and international networkks.
  • Ten Years 11q
    Ten years European Chromosome 11q Network. Overview from start to 2007

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